Our Story

Welcome to 100% PRIMAL! Here we are devoted to providing healthful and environmentally responsible beef. Our cattle roam free on pastures with no hormones or antibiotics, raised the way nature intended: humanely & sustainably. We foster relationships with local farmers who provide ethically-sourced products of superior quality for our customers - both grass-fed & grass-finished and grain-feed & grain-finished are available. Join us as we support all things clean, healthy, natural and sustainable!


Feeling uneasy about the beef you've been eating? Are you in search of something fresher, more sustainable, and more humane? If so, our Pasture to Plate Beef is sure to be your perfect solution!

Our Grass Fed & Finished Beef is sourced from local sustainable farms. We take pride in having established relationships with the farmers that raise our animals and have complete knowledge of their raising and processing techniques. We know that the only way to ensure a quality product for all customers is for us to have total transparency up and down the production pipeline.

The cattle we source from are 100% grass fed and finished; never given growth hormones, antibiotics, or animal by-products. Moreover, they all live out their lives on pastures - free to roam and graze all day long as nature intended them to do, ensuring humane treatment throughout their lifespans. All this adds up to a healthy and delicious end product that's good for your body and your conscious!

So what are you waiting for? Come try our full cow delivered product gift-wrapped in both freshness AND sustainability today! You won't regret it!.