The 100% Primal Mission

Discover the easiest way to get the freshest, ethically raised beef for your family's table!
Explore our selection of Grass-Fed & Finished Beef - available in Half and/or Full Cow
options, conveniently delivered from pasture to plate. We source our beef from local,
sustainable farms, ensuring transparency about their upbringing and processing
methods. Establishing a connection with the farmers who nurture our animals is
important in maintaining quality and providing you with the assurance that your food is
not only delicious but also healthy.

Our 100% grass-fed and finished cows are raised in pastures without the use of
hormones or antibiotics. Save time on finding your meat by letting us do the hard work
for you; all you need to do is cook it up! Every flavorful bite is a testament to the
humane and sustainable sourcing of our meat. Whether it's a special occasion calling
for steak or a cozy winter night in need of comforting flavors, trust our Grass-Fed &
Finished Beef to cater to your culinary needs. Enjoy the freshest beef around with
satisfaction guaranteed!